It seems impossible to win a battle, with only one block of clay at ones. But not for a smart witch or wizard! Their spells may not create, only transmute, divide and infuse already existing matter. Making the clay vessel for the monsters they summon.

This game was created for the GMTK game jam 2019, which has the theme "only one".

The game is turnbased, you fight against an "AI". Each unit may attack and move once each turn. Magic demands, high amounts of concentration, so it can't be used all the time. Watch your SPs(spell points), they're displayed in the top left hand corner and how different actions decrease them varying amounts.

The bat is the fastest creature

The lizard is the strongest creature

The snail can hit foes from the distance with it's bow

Watch out, where you place your monsters. Less friendly terrains may be more exhausting to pass, but can also be a hiding place.

Active unit: the unit with blinking cursor

Hovered unit: unit under mouse cursor

Arrow keys
Move camera
1Divide the active unit. The smaller the unit, the more SP it costs.
2Absorb the hovered unit. The smaller the unit, the more SP it costs
3, 4, 5
Transmute active unit into bat, lizard or snail. The smaller the unit the less SP it costs
TabSwitch active unit
EscapeEnd the turn
Click on blue tile
Move active unit
Click on green tintend enemy

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